About me

Hey there!


As a kid, I was obsessed with crafts. I would beg my mom to take me to the local craft store to buy all sorts of paint, glitter, and string. Later that same night, she would yell at me for getting paint on the carpet -it never failed! Now, I just exchange weird glances with my dogs, Chewy and Aspen. It almost feels the same.

I first started making earrings in 2018. These weren't polymer clay earrings, but  a colorful bunch of tassel earrings. I started giving them to friends and family and with overwhelming support I got enough courage to start selling them at a local cafe. As the pandemic hit, I perused Pinterest looking for a new hobby (since reading books seemed to interest me less and less). I came across beautiful earrings made with polymer clay. I was so intrigued about this medium that I bought a block of clay the next day. After working with it, I fell in love. Early in 2020, I released my first collection of polymer clay and tassel hybrid earrings at the same local cafe. With so much gratitude, I was thrilled to continue my new passion beyond the cafe. I began working swiftly on the Crafted by Pheebs website. I later launched in October 2020, with my first Collections Emerson and Jade.

Being a maker sparks joy. I took a little advice from Marie Kondo and "Crafted by Pheebs" was born! Designing, assembling and packaging all these pieces for you gives me that little (more like huge) spark of happiness. Thank you for allowing me to showcase my passion. I hope my pieces spark a little bit of that happiness in you.


with love,



I want to thank Morgantown Coffee House for giving me that space to showcase my first collection. A collection that led me to create beautiful art thereafter. You guys are the best!