Do you offer wholesale for your products?

Yes! I am open for wholesale orders. With wholesale you have the option to curate your own collection with existing styles or customize a collection to match the aesthetic of your store. I also have a Handshake and Faire profile that you can shop already-made pieces at wholesale price. Click on “wholesale” at the top for more details.  For inquiries, please email me at phoebe@craftedbypheebs.com


Are the pieces heavy on the ears?

Due to the nature of polymer clay, these pieces are very lightweight. They are a lot more lightweight than acrylic/resin earrings. Beads, pearls, and hardware may weight them down, but not by much!


How should I care for my earrings?

Although some pieces are gold-plated, it does wear off eventually. To prevent it as much as possible, keep these pieces away from perfume, lotion, and water. I also suggest wiping after wearing. Polymer clay is pretty flexible so it will bend before snapping completely (phew!). However, beads, pearls, and other pieces are subject to breaking if not cared for properly. All gold collection pieces will come with a cleaning cloth, dust bag, and jewelry care card that will guide you on how to take care of your gold-plated pieces.


Will you restock old collections?

Hmm, the short answer is no. If there is an overwhelming demand then maybe, but for now they're all for a limited time only. Get 'em while you can!


How often do you release new collections and or pieces?

Usually, I'll make a collection for every major holiday. New limited (very small batch) pieces may be released every other week. Expect a collection at least every month!


What if my earrings break? Do you offer replacements?

I know how upsetting that is! Under certain circumstances, I will give you a code to get a free pair of equal or less value of the broken pair or if possible-replace the broken pair. If this is you, please email me with a photo of the broken earrings. It is my discretion to decide on whether or not I replace your broken earrings. Please handle your earrings properly. For how to care of your delicate earrings please refer to Care Instructions.